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Discover the Ultimate Infrared Therapy Device

SunSauna offers four models to choose from in the NOVA series line of saunas. Choose between various sizes to find a sauna that best suits the needs of you and/or your family. NOVA series saunas comes with unique premium features you wont find in any other sauna.

Scroll down for a list and further for detailed descriptions of all premium features included in on NOVA series line of SunSauna.

  • NEW! RGB Chromatherapy LED Lights

  • Full Spectrum Lighting

  • IntelliHeat Infrared Heaters

  • Virtually Zero EMF

  • Hypoallergenic Hemlock Wood

  • Ergonomic Benches and Backrests

  • Simple Installation

  • Programmable Control Panel

  • Smart Dock Stereo System


NEW! Chromotherapy LED’s

As alternative medicine evolves so does SunSauna. Our NOVA series’ is the first to introduce our new LED chromotherapy (color therapy) lights. Those who practice alternative medicine may already be familiar with the seven spiritual centers of the body called “chakras”, it is said that each of these spiritual centers located along the spine are associated with a single color of visible light, along with a function and organ or bodily system. When these chakras become unbalanced application of the appropriate color is used to balance the chakras.

Full-Spectrum Neodymium Light Technology

EXCLUSIVE SunSauna® offers the worlds only truly Full-Spectrum sauna. At the roof of every SunSauna is a lightbox emitting Full-Spectrum light and providing you with all the healthy life-giving benefits of the sun without the harmful UV rays. Soak up the sun in the comfort of your home; assist your body in creating vitamin-D, boost serotonin production and balance your melatonin levels. We dont claim to be as good as the sun but we do believe we are the next best thing.


IntelliHeat™ Carbon Heaters – Even Dispersion

All saunas use a similar type of infrared heat, but only SunSauna uses IntelliHeat™. SunSauna® utilizes non-directional carbon mica heaters that provide a full spectrum of near, mid and far infrared heat (when combined with Full-Spectrum light). This blend of carbon and the natural mineral mica enable even heat across the heater panels, it also heats the sauna more quickly than other carbon heaters. With IntelliHeat™ you’ll feel the same heat in your core as you do in your legs or anywhere else in your body

Virtually Zero EMF – Safety & Peace of Mind

At SunSauna® our focus has always been the health and well-being of our customers. We work tirelessly to keep to the promise of safety that we made almost 15 years ago. IntelliHeat® carbon mica heaters are both efficient and safe, producing virtually zero EMF. Along with our heaters, the sauna as a whole is built with safety in mind. We do NOT use any toxic glues or bonding agents, period. Say NO to toxic practices and YES to safety for you and your family.


Hypoallergenic Hemlock Wood

Every individual has unique needs, at SunSauna® we understand those needs and we do our best to provide the most comfortable sauna experience for everyone. This is why all our saunas are built using only hypoallergenic hemlock wood. For those sensitive to the odor of cedar or basswood, SunSauna® provides a solution. Hemlock wood is well known for its quality and strength as well as its healing properties. Maintain the beauty of natural wood grain and beautiful accents while attaining upmost satisfaction.

Ergonomic Interior – Bench & Backrests

Majority of saunas on the market today still use flat benches with little or no backrest. Instead of staying in line with traditional sauna design, SunSauna® has developed an ergonomic interior using curved and contoured benches, backrests, headrests. We also offer lounger seats as an available addition.


Simple Installation and Setup

You shouldn’t have to be a furniture assembly professional to setup your sauna, nor should you have to hire someone else to do the job for you. Using SunSauna’s easy-clip system you’ll be able to assemble your sauna in just a few simple steps.

Programmable Control Panel

Program the sauna to best suit your neeeds. Using the control panel you’ll be able to control temperature, timer settings and full-spectrum light. You also have full control over the saunas surround sound stereo system with CD, AM/FM radio and MP3 (USB input) capabilities. Set your favorite stations, play your favorite songs, enjoy your sauna in your own way.


Smart Dock Stereo System

Enjoy your music your way. SunSauna’s SmartDock audio system is available exclusively on our NOVA series of saunas. The SmartDock enables connectivity with your smartphone or MP3 player and other current forms of digital media. Connect using the USB input, SD card slot or the universal auxiliary port. You also have the option to listen to local AM/FM radio stations with the built in radio as well as connect with compatible remote devices using the IR blaster.

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