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NOVA 300

Rejuvenate your body and mind in the spacious Nova 300. Designed the seat three people, this sauna is a perfect center for you or your family to recharge every day. Soak up the benefits of Full Spectrum light and infrared heat in the Nova 300 infrared sauna.

SKU: N300 Categories: Full-Spectrum, Infrared Sauna, Nova Series


  • NEW! Full RGB LED Chromatherapy Lights

  • IntelliHeat™ Carbon Heaters. Near, mid and far infrared waves

  • Exclusive patented Full-Spectrum Neodymium Light

  • Virtually Zero EMF

  • Hypoallergenic Hemlock Wood

  • Contoured backrests, posture support

  • Easy install, locking clips snap together

  • Programmable control panel, control over temperature, timer and lighting

  • Smart-Dock stereo system with aux, USB and SD inputs


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