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You won't see fancy sales gimmicks or flashy signs website. We are all about substance and we have a passion for preventative health. Our philosophy is to provide you with detailed scientific information and technology behind our saunas. By simply providing the information, we aim to enable you to choose the sauna that’s right for you. Look around, compare SunSauna with other saunas out there. We are confident that you will choose SunSauna™ because of its patented technology and unique benefits that no other sauna can provide.

Raise the Sun on Demand, with SunSauna!



1. Full-Spectrum – Neodymium Technology

EXCLUSIVE SunSauna® offers the worlds only complete sunlight therapy device. Using a patented design with Full Spectrum lighting that illuminates over 10,000 lux. SunSauna utilizes the healthy benefits of the suns light such as Vitamin D production, serotonin boosting and melatonin regulation while removing harmful UV rays completely.

2. IntelliHeat™ Carbon Heaters

SunSauna® has created a new standard in sauna heaters with the patented IntelliHeat™ carbon mica heater. Using non-directional near, mid and far infrared heat our heaters disperse infrared evenly across your body. Combined with Full-Spectrum light we are proud to offer the worlds only true full spectrum sauna. Our technology is protected by worldwide patent law, meaning you can only find sunlight in a SunSauna.


3. Hypoallergenic Wood

SunSauna® uses high quality hypoallergenic hemlock wood in all our saunas. This wood is known particularly well for it’s healing attributes and for its build strength. Hemlock wood is low odor unlike standard cedar built saunas which can cause severe irritation and allergic reactions, also known as “cedar fever”.

4. Safe, Non-toxic

All of the materials used in the construction of a SunSauna are safe and free of toxic materials. We do NOT use any toxic glues or bonding agents, our full-spectrum light filters out the healthy light and IntelliHeat infrared heaters are completely safe with low undetectable EMF.


5. Quality Construction

  • When it comes to the quality of our sauna’s, we are always working to raise the bar and set a new standard for industry.

  • Premium hypoallergenic wood

  • Low EMF IntelliHeat carbon mica heaters

  • Fast heating infrared heaters

  • Large heater surface provides even gentle heat dispersion

  • Tempered glass windows and door

6. Simple and Reliable

Our saunas are made with the consumer in mind, easy to install and easy to use. All saunas can plug into a standard 120V wall outlet – plug and play design. Components are simple to assemble or replace if needed. Components have less than a 1% failure rate and carry a comprehensive warranty.


7. Thoughtful Design

  • Complete sauna control

  • Variable heat and timer settings

  • Independent light and heat controls

  • Integrated stereo sound system

  • Contoured bench and backrests*

8. Comfortable Interior

All SunSauna models have comfortable and ergonomic layouts. Features such as contoured back and neck rests as well as contoured benches ensure that your time spent in a SunSauna is relaxing. Small things like the in sauna shelving systems, towel and magazine racks add to the convenience of use. For those using the power of aromatherapy, SunSauna offers an optional scent holder.


9. Affordable

Our saunas compete in the same price point as comparable saunas but at a much higher value. More features and more health benefits with exclusive Full-Spectrum lighting, available only at SunSauna. Our goal is to create a product that is industry leading and innovative while at the same time keeping it accessible to consumers.

10. Industry Leading Warranty

Whether you are purchasing manufacturer direct or from one of our many trusted dealers, SunSauna has you covered with a comprehensive product warranty that includes a Lifetime warranty heaters and electrical components.

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